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Let’s Connect

Be a part of our strong community of creatives - artists, writers, sculptors, illustrators, doodlers, makers, collaborators, calligraphers, dreamers and all.

Whatever you choose to call yourself, we’re cool with that and we’re cool with you. Cuz we love you, you are worthwhile, you are special, you are unique and we want to get to know you and for everyone else to meet you too!

Check in often, get in the action of what’s happening and make sure you stay connected and show us your special magic touch. We’d love to connect with you throughout the week in our physical store; or if you wish online via our Instagram, leave a note, leave a message, we will be in touch.

We have opportunities to join our vibrant community through art workshops, Instagram Live feeds and stories, coffee or (tea if you prefer) chat sessions and Art supply drop-ins at your event. We want to support you. We want to walk with you.

Let’s do this ! Together we can.

The following categories are carefully selected to meet the creative needs of every individual.

This section aims to bring design into your workplace, a place you spent more time than your home, probably.

This section is also known as personal stationery. It offers every other stuff you carry with you, which tells a lot about who you are and what you believe in.

This section offers a wide range of what we called "raw" stuff. It is made up of mostly unfinished products, of course: they are waiting for you to finish them.

Carbon, chalk, charcaol, graphite, marker, pastel, pen and pencil. Here you can find almost anything you can use to scratch a paper.

Explore skills which you never thought you had. Take up stained glass, grafitti or even marbling! All you need is free time and some space for creativity.

Enjoy the whole spectrum of colours made available by the Creator. It is not just for artist; it is for people who enjoy the finer things in life.


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